ZubeeZone is an innovative reward system. It is the perfect way to get rewarded mainly for using traffic exchange websites, visiting blogs, using mailers, and visiting/using other social or advertising sites. You claim zubee coins at these websites to earn zubees, these zubees can be traded in the zubeezone marketplace for cash and other in-game prizes and bonuses.


ZubeeZone is owned and operated by John Bell a.k.a insidmal. He also own several websites like Traffic Swirl and Traffic Profit Pro with good reputation each site.

He is known to be good at helping and listening to his member's complains, suggestions and recommendations. The most important thing that's best about him is that he is always fast and always on time in sending payments.
John bell has been a web design, developer, and marketer by hobby since 1996 and professionally since 2008. He currently owns and operates insidmal design as well as several other marketing and community oriented sites.


MEMBERS: Till this post was made, the total ZubeeZone member is more than 24,500. It really has a very good popularity.

COUNTRIES ACCEPTED: There are no restrictions from any country, all countries are accepted. 




CASHOUT WAITING TIME: Automatic payments every Friday. No cashout button, you just need to fill up your Paypal email in your profile.

REFERRAL LIMIT: No limit, refer as many as you want

REFERRAL BONUS: You get 100 Zubees After your friend claims his/her first coin. (you must claim it in your "tell a friend" page)


Recent & More Payment Proofs Here:  Click Me


1. ZUBEES - Zubees is the site main currency. This is the currency you can collect in the form of coins of fixed amount (Silver Coin = 125 Zubees, Gold Coin = 250 Zubees, & Diamond Coin = 500 Zubees) from visiting sites, blogs, mailers etc or from surfing traffic exchanges and reading emails HERE. You can exchange/trade zubees into cash, potions, team/individual bonuses, services and other items in the marketplace. You can see it on the top right corner of your account.

You can get or collect zubees by:
- Claiming from listed sites here HERE.
- Opening Prize Caches
- Winning it from Emerald Hunter and Treasure Hunter Games
-  As a gift from others (from site owners as a winning prizes from special events or from members for joining their referral links)

2. PERCENTAGE(%) BONUS - % Bonus will determine how many extra bonus zubees you will get per coin that you will collect. The higher the % bonus you have the more bonus zubees you will get. % bonus are cumulative so you can have like 300% - 1000%+ bonus until they expire (some bonus last only for 1 day while some last more than a month). You can see it on the top right corner of your account.
*For example you have 500%, that means you will get a bonus of 625 zubees (125 x 500%) and a total of 750 zubees (125 base + 625 bonus) per silver coin that you will claim.

You can increase your percentage bonus by:
- Winning Awards & Trophies (either individual or group)
- Unlocking Achievements
- Buying Potions in the marketplace
- Opening Prize Caches (You can store them as many as you want, there is no expiry date and then open it one time if you want to have a big boost % bonus)
- Participating in the Surf Party event daily (max of 60% bonus or more during special events)
- Winning daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly team % bonus from joining a great team( I recommend joining the top team = more team bonus prizes)
- From team members flags (If you want to buy for your team just go to the marketplace)

3. CASH - The currency you can withdraw to your Paypal account. You can see it on the top right corner of your account.

You can get cash by:
- Trading Zubees into cash
- Opening Prize caches(by chance)

4. PRIZE CACHES - You can get them as extra rewards by chance from collecting zubee coins.  They contain either zubees, % bonus, cash or if you're so lucky the jackpots (from $1 - $30+). They are stored in the "My Items" page section. I added more explanation below.

5. EMERALD GAMES - The more Emeralds you find, the bigger your prize. You can find this prize page in rotation in the listed sites HERE. You can directly see the prize page on traffic exchanges but you need to click the Emerald icon on viral mailers to see the prize page usually in the top portion when reading emails.

6. TREASURE HUNTER GAMES - You can win this while surfing on traffic exchange sites. Surf and find a chest, claim your prize or surf more to find another. Getting all three chests will give the biggest prizes.


1. Create a Zubee Zone account by clicking the banner below.

2. Make sure to add your Paypal email in your Profile after you log in to be able to receive payment every Friday (or leave it blank if you want to accumulate your earnings first before requesting one big payout) and ooopss becareful not to click the delete button when updating your account.

3. Join a TEAM to win Team Contest Prizes. Those daily, weekly, and monthly prizes(Trophies or Bonuses) aside from flags from generous fellow team mates will help you boost your zubee earnings. From 1% - 30% bonus for every zubees you claim.

4. Start collecting zubees from these sites: CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST

5. Claim and collect silver coins (worth 125 zubees), gold coins (worth 250 zubees), and diamond coins (worth 500 zubees).

6. Trade your zubees in the Marketplace for cash, potions(additional individual percentage bonus in claiming more zubees), increasing team member maximum limit, team flag(% zubee bonus to all team members).

Note: Prizes are constantly changing(either increase or decrease). I suggest saving zubees then trade or redeem it when the prize is like $0.10 per 20,500 zubees or maybe less than that. Usually that happens during the last week and first week of the month. 


% Bonus are cumulative so you can have like 300% - 1000%+ bonus until they expire (some bonus last only for 1 day while some last more than a month)

*With 300% bonus every: 
Silver coin claimed = 375 zubees (125 x 300%) 
Gold coins claimed = 750 zubees  (250 x 300%)
Diamond coins claimed = 1500 zubees (500 x 300%)

1. Join, surf and claim as many zubee coins(silver,gold and diamond) as you can every day in these sites. The more zubee coins that you claim the more chances for you to win:

A. Trophies,Rewards and Achievements (From 10% - 45% zubee bonus).
Win Trophies and Rewards or Unlock Achievements to Get Bonuses! Trophies and Rewards can be won over and over again, while achievements can only be unlocked once.

B. Prize Cache
The more zubee coins you collect, the higher chance to find Prize Cache which contains % bonus, ca$h or even the jackpot prizes. Not all sites will give prize cache, new sites who just subscribed for adding zubee coins to there sites won't give prize cache, only those sites who subscribed for a long time will give prize cache. Chances to drop or give prize caches ranges from 5% to 60%(max) depending on how long the site owner subscribed (5% chance Increase I think every monthly renewal of subscription). You can see them in my lists of sites.

NOTE: Reset time is 4 AM, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). It is essential to consider your own strategy and available time in opening those prize cache to maximize the % bonuses.

Jackpot Prizes(Will keep increasing until someone win it then will  return to $0.01 again).

Previous winners: 

2. Join ,surf and claim zubee coins from the Daily Featured Bonus Site which will give you 15% additional bonus on all coins claimed at that site. You can find it in the homepage.

3. Surf Party Bonus

The so called "surf party event" is where will be three traffic exchange sites participating each day.

Collect the Red, Orange, and Yellow Surf Party Dancers by Surfing 41 Pages at the Traffic Exchange for that day. Once you have collected all three dancers and filled your card, you win! You can win up to 20 Surf Party Prizes every day. 

That means 3%x20= 60% bonus + chance of getting these after collecting 3 dancers:

That is again another 60% bonus for 3 days (3% x 20) for total bonus of 120% bonus from surf party:

And oh don't forget that you can also win these random rewards while surfing: 

Oh yeah another 5% bonus. Oh but wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's why no need to worry that much if the prizes for trading zubees into cash keeps changing everyday cause the % bonus keeps getting bigger and bigger each day as long as you follow number 1-3 above.

Let's say you're doing the surf party everyday so you're getting a guaranteed 120% bonus (3 days expiry period) everyday, that is 360% bonus after 3 days + the bonus you will get from other trophies and rewards (can win again and again). It's just great. 

*You can access surf party in the surfing games section.

4. Get some referrals (at least one is good or better if 5 and best if more than 6)

Benefits: 100 zubees (Need to claim in the Tell a friend section)

*With 1 referral will unlock an Achievement(one time):

 *For every 5 referrals will win you a reward(no limit):

5. Join a Team - It's a must to join a team and select the best team.

Benefits: If your team leader or just a gracious team member will buy a team flag for example a Yellow team flag which Gives a 3 Day 5% Zubee Bonus to All Team Members, it will be an extra free additional bonus for you.

*Win these extra daily,weekly and monthly bonuses:

Will be able to get and share some tips and help from your team members via the Team Forum.

We have an open spot in Team CBBC II currently rank 1,you're welcome to apply. We will be very happy to have you. 

6. Aside from collecting zubee coins from those easy zubee giving sites (no sign up sites like Hombizweekly  or just login sites like Explosive traffic), don't forget those mailers because it is easier to collect gold coins in mailers compared with surfing 100+ pages in most traffic exchanges. If you're using google chrome, add and install this extension "Linkclump". It's safe and allowed. It will help you save a lot of time in opening unread emails. Search for similar extension if you're using other browser. For surfing traffic exchanges it best to use "Traffic browser". It will save you lot of time and hand ache switching tabs.

7. Join Traffic Swirl, ZubeeZone main sister site, for a chance to win 5,000 - 50,000 a week in the tournament.



The more zubee coins you claim regardless whether they may be Silver, Gold Or Diamond, the more likely it is that you will win random prizes, which typically consist of bonus Zubees, Cash, the jackpot prizes, % zubee Bonuses and prize cache. The most important factor is the multiplier which is your zubee bonus %. Try to maintain a daily 200% zubee bonus(or depends on your preference, free time and amount of zubee coins you collect daily) while saving more prize caches(no need to worry there is no limit on how much you are allowed to keep or save and no expiry date) then open them all at a time where you much free time to collect more zubee coins.

Short of time? If you are short of time it always pays to work with the sites where you can claim your coins from the smallest amount of effort, for example visit the sites where you can claim coins just for Logging In, by just surfing 5-10 sites for silver coins (some just 99 sites for gold and 199 sites for diamond coins) ,by just reading 5-10 unread emails or just plainly claim it on the website homepage page with less effort at all.

More time Available? If you have more time available and want to get the maximum earnings of your Zubee's always remember NEVER EVER neglect the sites with smaller rewards. It can be easy to get caught up with going purely for the sites which offer Diamond coins for your daily participation, these sites typically require either the greatest effort and the most time for you to reach the claim page (example by surfing more than 300 sites with eight seconds or more surfing timer), or they require you to make a purchase, so the best strategy is to get a balance between working to claim at the sites with smaller claims at the same time as working with the sites with higher claims, by doing this you will Maximize your daily Zubee earning potential.

Always remember the sayings although a mosquito is tiny it’s still meat. It means every zubees count.


You can switch from Zubeezone personal account into business account anytime you want without any fee or whatsoever by just clicking the link on the left side of your screen below the "Help" button.

This section is for those  website owners and bloggers who want to add zubee coins to there sites/blogs by subscribing on a monthly basis. 

Benefits of adding zubee coins to your websites/blogs:
1. Increase traffic
2. Get new sign ups to your Traffic exchanges sites, mailers, social sites,, ptc sites and other websites.
3. Increase growth and activities (Log ins and surfing).
4. Increase sales from new members and old members once the websites became more active.

No website, no problem. With Giftable Zubees you can give zubees to any member for special contests and giveaways without a website . You can do this by directly purchasing zubees, a one time purchase. CLICK HERE to visit the purchase page.

For website/blog owners. 
Log in and switch to business account then CLICK HERE to visit the guide section on how to set up zubee coins in your website.

ZubeeZone Admin Post:

 How To Use Zubee Zone to Make Money with a Blog


How to add your profile pic to ZubeeZone:
ZubeeZubee Zone uses an external website called Gravatar to fill profile pics. 
Here are the simple instructions: 
1. Go to gravatar.com and sign up for an account there (it is free). Gravatar is owned by WordPress, so if you have a WordPress account, then you should be able to simply sign in with those details. 
2. Then simply add your pic, using one of the options available. Crop it to size. Mark it as G rating.
3. Add and assign to that picture the email address that you use here at ZubeeZone. 
NOTE: If you are using this email address elsewhere online, the profile picture will spread to other sites that also use gravatar images.

I will update this one if their are new changes in zubeezone. Kudos and happy Zubee hunting everyone. 

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