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October 27, 2016

UPDATE: Zubee Coin Change - Magical Mailer and Rockstar Mailer
Find all three coins by around 11 pages surfed on these sister sites.  You can now collect all 3 Zubee Coins by completing the Email Click Rewards each day. You will find the Zubee Coins when you claim your daily ticket on the side menu at: Email Click Rewards .

October 26, 2016

EVENT: Wild Zubee Wednesdays - Dojohits & The Traffic Trader
Find all three coins by around 11 pages surfed on these sister sites.

October 07, 2016

UPDATE:  Gold - Traffic
Here are the new requirements for collecting Zubees at Gold Traffic.com
Silver Zubee All Members Surf 50 Pages 
Gold Zubee All Members Surf 100 Pages 
Diamond Zubee Free and 10K Pro Members Surf 200 Pages 24K Pro Members can collect it at 150 Pages 

The Emerald Game is currently being shown every 125 pages. That is going to be reduced to every 62 pages so basically you will be able to claim it twice as much. And that is available to all members. Also I am adding in the Treasure Chest and it will be shown every 80 pages. You can collect all three Treasure Chests for every 240 pages surfed to receive the maximum amount of Zubees rewards 

October 05, 2016

EVENT: Wild Zubee Wednesdays - Dojohits & The Traffic Trader
Find all three coins by around 11 pages surfed on these sister sites.

UPDATE:  Zubee Master
Zubee Masters is now a Traffic Exchange, and free members are getting silver at 49, gold at 99 and diamond at 199. Upgraded members are getting silver and gold at login and diamond at 3, 19 or 49 pages surfed, depending on level of upgrade. 

October 02, 2016

EVENT: Zubee Zunday - Surfwiththetitans
Silver Coin will be available when you start surfing. Gold Coin will be available after surfing roughly 50/55 sites. Diamond Coin will be available to all members after surfing roughly 101/105 sites.

October 01, 2016

UPDATE:  Golden Glove Mailer
Previously Golden Glove Mailer was a paid only membership. Now anyone can join and use the site and claim the coins. Free members, get Silver - Login while Gold and Diamond coins for reading emails(Daily and Weekly Click Reward).

UPDATE:  IT 247 & The Traffic Dance
Zubees is getting canceled. Zubees will be removed as of 10-5-2016. 

September 30, 2016

UPDATE:  50 Miles Mailer
Previously gold coin was exclusive for upgraded members but now it's also available for free members. Get gold for sending an email.

September 29, 2016

UPDATE: High country traffic is closing 
I have come to the very difficult decision to close High Country Traffic. The last day will be Friday Sept. 30th. I will be paying out members afterwards. I want to thank all of those that have surfed and supported the site. However, I need to move on with other projects and spend more time with family.

See you on the surf trail!
Ranger Bob and Suzette

UPDATE: Paranormal Traffic
 "Starting tomorrow, the Zubee Daily Challenge will be lowered to surfing just 100 sites at Paranormal Traffic and Social Viral Profits, then claim surfer rewards at both sites, and get 1000 Zubees.
I have also lowered the Gold coin to surfing just 105 sites at Paranormal Traffic.

UPDATE: Goldengloveshits
 Zubee Surfing Has Changed! Free is now Silver 99, Gold 199 & Diamond 299 - Upgraded is Silver 19, Gold 99 & Diamond 149 Consider upgrading if you wish to collect them faster.
 Badges are no longer in rotation, just surf then come back here to collect them.

UPDATE: Traffic Browser
No more easy silver coin but lower requirement for diamond coin.
Silver Coin - Use our Traffic Exchange software to earn 1000 clicks from other Traffic Exchanges. 
Gold Coin -  Surf with Traffic Browser and collect 2000 clicks at any TE listed with us!
Diamond Coin - Surf with Traffic Browser and collect 3000 clicks at any TE listed with us!

UPDATE: Antsurf
Bonus 3 days Zubee Cavern
Guys, We currently have special offer for Credits purchases with BitCoins that come with BONUS 3 days Ant's Zubee Cavern access (all 3 coins - no surfing required!). If you need credits AND love Zubee Coins - come and check it out!

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